About Us

Lisa and Harold are both very passionate about Reiki and have teamed together to create Reiki Works.


Lisa is a professional Reiki practitioner and also a mom to her beautiful daughter Issey. After being so impressed with the benefits of Reiki, she decided to learn Reiki for herself. In 2017, after 16 years working as a business analyst, she decided to leave the corporate world and follow her passion, practicing Reiki full time.

Reiki not only gave her a peace that was missing for a long time, but also gave her the confidence to live her life on her terms and the ability to speak her truth. Most importantly, Reiki has helped Lisa with her grief after losing her mum to cancer. As a Reiki practitioner, Lisa’s aim is to help others live a passionate, healthy and fulfilled life.


Harold is a professional Reiki Practitioner, Master and Teacher.  Harold’s interest in healing started back in Columbia when he was just a teenager, he noticed that after placing his hands on his mother’s forehead who was experiencing very painful migraine episodes her migraines stopped! Years later a similar experience took place only this time it was with his aunt, she was suffering from a serious lung condition and was due to have an operation. Harold flew home to Columbia and after a weekend of providing healing to his aunt, she no longer needed the surgery and felt much better.

After these profound experiences Harold started to follow his passion and in 2012, he was attuned to Reiki 1 and 2 levels, and in 2016 into Master Teacher. He is passionate about helping and guiding people to heal their spirit, mind & body, and to achieve great things in their lives.


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